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About Us

Modern African is a passion brought to life. It is the product of years of research and waiting for an opportunity to showcase ‘another side of Africa‘ from modern Africans perspectives. Many Africans (and decendents of Africans) living around the world are quintessentially Africans and yet citizens of the world- able to live and work anywhere they choose to call home. This is the essence of the Modern African.


Hello, my name is Olivia King-Boateng. I am the founder of Modern African UK. My business partner and cousin, George Azaletey, is based in Ghana, West Africa, and CEO of our Ghanaian wholesale branch of Modern African.

Olivia King-Boateng

Founder & CEO of Modern African UK, Retail division.


Pastor George Claude Azaletey

Based in Ghana, CEO of Modern African GH – Wholesale division.

Together we have dreamed of bringing the best of our heritage to Europe and the world. As proud and modern Africans, we are passionate about helping the world rediscover all that the continent has to offer through style.  We are retailers, wholesalers, and distributors of creative and beautiful African inspired products, some of which we create ourselves in-house and some curated from a whole host of suppliers across the continent.

We also hope to provide some interesting facts about African fashion and culture that you may not have known and hope to take you on a journey to understanding our beautiful culture. 

What is new in African fashion and style?

African design has been experiencing a resurgence or revolution lately through many mediums and we want to showcase how with a modern twist African designs and fabrics can be incorporated into the western lifestyle. Wearing aspects of cultural identity is your ultimate expression of who you are today. We are here to showcase the inspirational ways that can be done and inspire the world.



Our wish is to collaborate with western retailers to stock high quality African inspired accessories and fashion items. If you would like to explore how we can help bring a modern African twist to your product range, please get in touch at info@modernafrican.co.uk.